Spiritual Intelligence Of Ramon Gallegos

The excitement of that first trip, learn to Ramon Gallegos Nava, glimpse an attitude of life where spirituality is the rudder of the boat which was going through a storm. I saw the Masters program as an alternative for my life, however was not easy internally, the reason was attacking and heart sosegaba. I think before this mastery, by necessity had a covered path in the search towards my inside, so I was easy to accept this new educational pedagogy that was going to help me find me with my own. The masters in holistic education has given me an awakening to consciousness, which at the beginning with my arrogance, I thought that already had, before starting the master had read some philosophers just as general culture and here is where I want to allow to resume some pieces of the perennial philosophy. When we feel that ordinary life is rich and deep, and that it is enough in itself to feel happy. Wish what you have is think, Act and feel as if the current life was sacred. Some philosophers can affirm that everyday life is not inherently sacred, but we make it holy to live it as such.

The best exposure of that life is sacred is Huxley in his book the perennial philosophy, whose first English edition appeared in 1945. Retake it because that is the way in which my mechanistic training allows me to comply with this task, which I think is very important, however difficult. Continuing with the theme according to Huxley, the perennial philosophy has three essential elements. Firstly, the ordinary things, ordinary lives and ordinary minds are composed of a divine material. Secondly, a piece of the divine reality is located in the nucleus of every living thing. Thirdly, the most important task of the person is to discover the divinity of the ordinary things, ordinary lives and ordinary minds and discover their identity with reality divine.