Crescimento Deciding

Another dangerous phrase is the celebrity ‘ ‘ We are skirting problema’ ‘. But to skirt wants to say to give the return, this means that the problem goes to continue there and at some moment it goes to show its claws with all force. With certainty also already we hear the phrase ‘ ‘ Problems must be decided and not administrados’ ‘. But in the majority of the cases what if it perceives is the attempt of if managing the problem instead of deciding it, with the argument of the lack of time or lack of resources, you unite these are excellent excuses for who does not want to assume that it does not know for where to start to decide. Making autocrtica, it will be that we act deciding or managing problems? The evolution of the humanity depends to face and to decide problems, and the current ones are there: energy, combustible, pollution, AIDS and many others. Many companies with passing of the time had perceived this and invested heavy in tools that assist in the agreement and the best form to decide problems enabling its professionals of strategical areas to apply such tools and to use its favor. At this moment if they had changed roles. ‘ ‘ The Poison started to be the Remdio’ ‘ With this exchange of focus, all problem, for minor who is passes to be a rich source of analysis and possibilities of if to perfect one definitive process thus generating innovative products, with bigger quality, greater durability, minors losses and greater success in the market. Translating this in better sales, greater profitability and growth. Which company does not want such conditions? ‘ ‘ Sales, Lucros and Crescimento’ ‘ With certainty nobody wants to live the time all deciding problems and no company only survives deciding problems, but when they to appear must be used our favor.