Understanding Drucker

In the represented figure below it explains the bases of empowermente and what it makes with the people in to be able it to relation, motivation, leadership and development. However the training results in productivity, in accordance with Drucker (2006, p.232) it work to be productive, four operations is necessary: In first place, we need analyzes. We need to know which the necessary specific activities for the work, its sequncia and its requirements. In as place the activities must be grouped in a production process. In third place, we need to introduce in the process the control on the route, the quality, the amount, the standards and exceptions. In room place, the adequate instruments are necessary. Understanding Drucker, the necessary training to leave clearly to the professionals what to make and as to make, that is, to give they (waiters) the necessary tools ace its functions.

All the times that the company dedicates a time to understand the employee and to share knowledge to add value to the professional, the organization gain a more responsible and not motivated collaborator. Branhan (2002, p.46) says that three good reasons exist to invest in the training (1) transmit the message of that they are valuable the sufficient and deserve investments; (2) it contributes directly for the creation of value of long stated period for the customer; (3) the companies generally hold back more the people who are trained by them. The training moves literally with the emotional one of the employee, consequentemente with its motivation. Nowadays the motivation moves with the structure of any company, and by this reason the motivated professional is disputed with forces, knowing the companies who this type of professional will make the organization to grow much more. Already he said a palestrante that a motivated employee relieves much more of what an employee intelligent and held. Then because not to join the two pillars, it imagines held intelligent an employee motivated, result of a perfect professional.