Labour Courses

Ibero Spanish School is a unique Spanish language school located in downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina that offers Spanish programs for foreigners and training for teachers and also cultural courses. These courses are held at the Ibero-building with a prime city center location and years of history. The school itself designed its programs, extra materials and has a full line of Spanish books ranging from absolute beginner to superior. Among the cultural programs or courses Ibero Spanish School theme is the EVA PERON course, important figure in Argentina's history, beloved or hated by many. In this course, will explore topics that are specific to the life and history of the character / personality and also included tours as his mausoleum, the Evita Museum, Luna Park Stadium, where he met General Juan Domingo Peron, the Church of Our Senora del Pilar, the Film Museum Pablo Ducros, which includes samples of his work as an actress and her grave in the Cemetery La Recoleta.

Also visit: the building of the CGT (General Confederation of Labour), where she developed policy and worked for women's voting rights, Avenida de Mayo, including the famous balcony from which he led the Argentines, the Ministry of Labour and National Library. Evita, as the Argentine people baptized was a figure who broke all the historical barriers and defined a political form never seen before. During the brief period of its performance, alongside General Peron she was the center of an ascendant power and became the soul of the Peronist movement, in its essence and in his voice.