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It is well known that this year, the State of Mauriciania the Magi arrived late and half battered. It is well known, too, that the Opposition of the Natives of Aries and the leaders of the Party who were never in agreement heavy ammunition fired against Buenogordo Vasta, Mauriciania state governor blamed for the delay of the Kings since the same they would be confused by the many fences that have turned the streets in repair Mauriciania in a maze that only he would lack the minotaur. According to sources close to the government, the noble guardian meat would have been settled on land the protesters tract boundaries to Palermo station Golic. Reliable sources reported that another would have been the very reason for the delay: Carlos Sainz hit a camel in the Black Baltasar started a few kilometers from the third stage of Dakar Rally Argentina-Chile. The Spanish pilot and his navigator were unharmed but the charter must be sacrificed Baltasar and roasted by the locals at the side of the road. Baltasar and Melchior have shared horse to get to Bah a Blanca (Prov. de Buenos Aires), where the first would have stolen a motorbike. Police actively seeking it. As we see, in the Republic of Argentongo Surreal no opportunity is left to escape with such fallen wood from the gorillas … ehrrggg … say, the tree. We will continue investigating.Gesell Chamber exclusive artist)