Tourism Graph

Tourism Graph of Sightseeing in Tecate with the services provided by The taste of Tecate picturesque colonial style, has extensive livestock landscapes of fields, spectacular mountains and gigantic rock formations. Tecate also hosts the Cervecer a Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma. It has several spas, specialist services to health care are recognized internationally, such as La Puerta. They exist in the environment of the city paintings (prehistoric rock art) and the Vallecitos area. There is also a crafts center and pottery making. As if this were not enough, the city is famous for its fine bakeries. Situated on the border with the U.S., at 540 m gives the visitors an atmosphere of calm, cool and pleasant climate, ideal for recreation with temperatures ranging between 12 and 22 C on average during the year.There are several recreational parks ranch, which give tourists the opportunity to enjoy the countryside and access to food services, residence and tourism services for the health of rest and the latter, focusing on relaxation techniques, body treatments and exercise . One of the traditional events is Fair in March Tecate, in addition to racing mountain bikes and off-road motorcycles.