CONTENTS: I. Initial Definitions .- II. Description of the problem itself .- III. The man also suffered .- IV. Importance of detection of domestic violence .- V. Family Violence Prevention .- VI.

State policies and actions to combat .- VII. People such as Peter A. Levine PhD would likely agree. Concluding remarks .- I. INITIAL DEFINITIONS .- 1.1. FAMILY VIOLENCE .- It is any act or omission causing physical or psychological harm, abuse without injury, threat or coercion, including serious and / or repeated, and sexual violence that occurs between spouses, former spouses, cohabitants, former cohabitants , ascendants, descendants, collateral relatives within the fourth degree of consanguinity and second degree, who live in the same household, provided that no contractual relations work and who have fathered a child in common, whether living together or not, the time of violence (Article 2 of the Act for protection against domestic violence). 1.2. PHYSICAL VIOLENCE .- Any action taken against a relative or person with family relationship, which could range from a push to hit stronger and harmful.

physical violence occurs toll on physical health of the victim, as when practicing forensic examination will be given days off, assistance and voluntary assistance. 1.3. .- Psychological violence refers to the psychological damage exerted on a person, which is not physically hit, but it is declining morally, since he is attacking in a systematic manner in which the goal is to make you think is a weak person and / or useless. 1.4. SEXUAL VIOLENCE .- From the experiences of women sexual assault are all non-consensual sexual contact.