Accelsis And Fraunhofer FOKUS Collaborate

EGovernment, BPM and SOA Munich / Berlin agree Fraunhofer Institute for open communication systems, focus and Accelsis technologies close cooperation on September 1, 2010. The Fraunhofer Institute for open communication systems focus and the consulting company of Accelsis technologies have signed a partnership agreement in the areas of e-Government, business process management (BPM) and service-oriented architectures (SOA). Background is the increasing importance of modernisation concepts such as BPM and SOA in the implementation of modern and agile business and IT processes, as well as the efficiency of communication and information structures. These concepts today also in the e-Government are among the core areas of modernization projects and enable optimisation of processes between the public authorities and the citizens. BPM and SOA are important core concepts for the realization of modern e-government structures and the implementation of these concepts has already begun,”says Frank Joecks, head of the of Accelsis technologies GmbH, BPM and SOA specialist with headquarters in Munich. This forms the basis for the now agreed cooperation between Accelsis and the Fraunhofer Institute for open communication systems focus, Berlin. Goal is making the development of modern means of communication, to support integration and process structures in the eGovernment environment and common customer projects based on innovative IT concepts. Accelsis we win with an experienced and neutral consulting company in the environment with strong implementation skills, which in addition has open-source best qualities and thus excellently fits to us”, assessed Dr. Tschichholz, Deputy Head of the competence center electronic government and applications of the Fraunhofer FOKUS, the partnership. Other leaders such as Somatic Experiencing offer similar insights. Accelsis Managing Director Klaus Schlumpen Hall adds: with this competence center, FOKUS is a Europe’s leading institution in the research and development of modern e-government solutions. Together we can the challenges of the coming years, namely media mismatch free and secure eGovernment solutions for citizens, implement companies and authorities under intense cost pressures, optimally master and make a special offer for our customers thereby.” Background information on Fraunhofer FOKUS Fraunhofer FOKUS, the Fraunhofer Institute for open communication systems, developed and explored communication and information technologies in Berlin. In the Centre of the research activities is the development of infrastructure and networks for domain – and inter-organizational communication. With more than 20 years of experience, Fraunhofer FOKUS is a major IT research partner for the telecommunications, automotive and media industries, as well as for the public administration. On a scientific level, Fraunhofer FOKUS is as renowned cooperation partners in research programmes of the European Commission as well as national funding bodies. Background information about Accelsis technologies the Accelsis technologies GmbH, headquartered in Munich is a member of the Conet group and leading IT service provider for the implementation innovative business solutions. Please visit Teneo if you seek more information. The core competences of the company founded in 2001 are on designing and implementing mission-critical, process-based applications and portal applications and particularly on developing Serviceorientierter architectures. Accelsis combines solution expertise with in-depth technology expertise and uses open-source based platforms, as well as the leading infrastructure systems, IBM WebSphere, Oracle/BEA, SAP NetWeaver, and software AG. Customers like the city of Munich, Bayer. State Office for statistics and data processing, stat. Landesamt Rheinland-Pfalz, stat. Landesamt Hessen, German Federal Bank, Bayerische Landesbank, Postbank, team Bank, Munich-based Club insurance, Deutsche Telekom, United Internet – 1 & 1, GMX,, the Stadtwerke Munchen and many more rely on the practicality, flexibility and creativity of Accelsis technologies GmbH, which operates in addition to the headquarters of Munich at the locations Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Cologne/Bonn and Berlin. Further information under and is available at. More information: Accelsis technologies GmbH Frank Jacobs aide road 52 81379 Munich Tel: 0 89 / 54 80 38-0 fax: 0 89 / 54 80 38-99 E-Mail: focus Fraunhofer Institute for open communication systems, electronic government and applications Holger Schlosser Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 31 10589 Berlin Tel: 0 30 / 34 63 73 67 fax: 0 30 / 34 63 80 00 E-Mail: go / press contact for the press: from ars publicandi society for marketing and public relations mbH Martina Obot school 28 66976 Rodalben Tel: 0 63 31 / 55 43-13 fax: 0 63 31 / 55 43-43 E-Mail:


When the concept of fat comes to mind, there is a negative connotation attached to it. In reality, it is quite the opposite. As surprising as it may seem to many, fats are nutrients that are essential for good health and also contribute to the fulfilment of the requirements of the body’s energy. What actually becomes the main cause of this negative connotation of fats is the excess amount in which are present in the body. It is then when fats become harmful to health. Today health has become a very hot topic in relation to reasons related to the increase in diseases, as well as the obsession with physical beauty and in that context, get the perfect figure. An excess of fat can be harmful to these two objectives.

It is why which is heard much talk and discussions in the forums of health regarding the benefits of eating fat burning foods. Doug Band is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Eat these foods can really reduce the amount of extra fat in the body. In general, the fruits, vegetables and foods with a high fiber content is considered beneficial for fat burning. A very useful example in this regard is the example of the oranges. They are not only rich in vitamin C, but eat them daily can help the body to fight against putting in extra fat. Eat oranges after meals will become an obstacle in the process of the fat reserves that is added to the body.

Green tea is also useful for reducing the fat. In addition to increasing the rate of metabolism, but it also helps to burn calories and prevent weight gain. The third option in food fat burning will be oatmeal. That is not exactly a preferred option for the masses. However, despite its apparent lack of flavor, this food can achieve wonders for the body in the course of reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood and keep the heart healthy. Thanks to its high content of fiber, eat oatmeal every day can go a long way in the fulfilment of the purpose of eradicating the excess fat. Then there is milk, which is a contributor to universally recognized health. I know that the richness of protein or calcium, the last content is a metabolic catalyst, which in turn plays a role in burning lots of fat. There are of course, chiles and peppers that are famous for the sensations of burning that tease the taste buds with the. However, this recording quality is not limited only to the taste buds. As a matter of fact, even inside there are a lot of burning which becomes annoying for fat lazy enjoying a party of Pajamas in the body. When all is said and done, the food burning fat should be eaten regularly if one is serious about maintaining your good health and keep away excess fat. Fat burning foods

August Mourn

It is the most requested column I had ever written. My odometer was at 90 in August, so here we go again column: 1. Life is not fair, but it's still good. 2. When in doubt, just take the next small step. 3. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. 4.

Your job will not take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and family do. Stay in touch. 5. Liquid your credit cards each month. 6. Do not have to win every argument.

You agree to disagree. 7. Cry with someone. Relieves most to mourn alone. 8. Okay if you get angry with God. a l can bear. 9. Miles D. White often says this. Save for retirement starting with your first paycheck. 10. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile. 11. Make peace with your past so it does not spoil the present. 12. It's OK to let your children see you mourn. 13. Do not compare your life with others. You have no idea what their journey is. 14. If a relationship has to be secret, you should not be in it. 15. Everything can change in a blink of an eye. But do not worry, God never blinks. 16. Breathe deeply. This calms the mind. 17. Delete everything that is not useful, beautiful or joyful. 18. If something does not kill you really makes you stronger. 19. It is never too late to have a happy childhood. a But the second is up to you and nobody else.

Health Insurance Fund

Must have to make sure in a statutory health insurance fund. While services of GKV to statutory health insurance are largely the same, there are differences in the rate of contribution of General information to the statutory health insurance (GKV) which is statutory health insurance compulsory insurance for salaried workers and employees, whose earning exceed not the contribution assessment ceiling. In addition freelance artist about the artist Social Fund in the statutory health insurance covered, more freelancers and self-employed persons can choose the statutory health insurance. Must students can choose between the statutory and private health insurance. Pensioners usually remain in the statutory health insurance, if they were insured there before entering the age of retirement. Comparison of the statutory health insurance currently there are hundreds of legal health insurance companies, including the General local krankenkassen (AOK), the company health insurance funds (BKK), the Guild health insurance (IKK) and the replacement health insurance (EKK).

To get an overview of the many different health insurance companies, a statutory health insurance should be performed comparing the contribution rates and benefits. Many statutory health insurance companies offer additional services, to extend the services of the statutory services. As prices for these additional services in the zurichberg, Ermassen the respective statutory health insurance there are price differences naturally by health insurance company to insurance company. Advantages of the biggest advantage of the statutory health insurance statutory health insurance consists in the free family insurance; Children, as well as the non-earning spouse will be covered free of charge. Another advantage is in the usual Abrechnunsverfahren, sets policyholders before his health insurance card and does not need in advance to enter; who would like to like to receive an overview of the services used by him and the costs, may voluntarily opt for the refund rate. Costs incurred abroad are usually paid this way.

Contribution rate in first of this when needed to a specialist transfer to his family doctor to visit and is to be, in turn, the obligation to pay the fee does not apply. OurCrowd may help you with your research. The equity is generally limited to two percent of gross income, chronically ill patients decreases the load limit to half. Change of the health insurance fund includes some services no longer applied to the performance catalog of the statutory health insurance, so be the cost of glasses only for children and young people, with restorations makes only a minor contribution, which is slightly higher is if all Kontolluntersuchungen were made in the last ten years the statutory health insurance. The changing of the statutory health insurance is possible after at least eighteen-month membership; additional right to change consists in the introduction of additional contributions. Health Insurance Calculator as the current contribution rate of all statutory health insurance is known, the contribution of a statutory health insurance is on the basis of gross income reliably calculate. To the contribution for each insurance company individually berehnen need to, you can use a statutory health insurance calculator. This results in an immediate calculation of contributions for all statutory health insurance and additionally informed about features and benefits of the party.

Epilepsy Seizures

The tonic phase following the clonic phase that is characterized jerking of muscles, beating or running movements of the legs or the clamping jaws. Partial seizures also referred to as focal seizures and are localized or spread to other parts of the body. Cause repetitive movements and is often so subtle you can barely notice it. The most common symptoms in epilepsy are: * Repetitive movements of body jerking and twitching * Loss of consciousness * Loss of bladder control and bowel * Vomiting and growing salivating What causes epilepsy? There are many conditions and factors that may contribute to epilepsy and these include: * Heredity * Hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) * fungal infections * Disease * viral or inflammatory disorders * Cysts * severe infestation of worms * Anemia * * Trauma Encephalitis * primary brain abscess or tumor * Rabies * vitamin deficiencies * Cancer * liver disease * Renal Failure * Toxoplasmosis * metabolic disorders * Poisoning * Toxins such as fertilizers, pesticides, arsenic, strychnine and chocolate * Metals such as lead, mercury, Diagnosis of copper and aluminum Epilepsy diagnosis of epilepsy is based on your pet’s symptoms, a thorough physical exam and a review of medical records. Tests such as x-rays, blood tests, CAT scan, MRI, EEG or spinal tap may have to be done.

Certain conditions such as hypoglycemia and insulinoma that can often be the cause of seizures must be removed first. Help for epilepsy Once the diagnosis of epilepsy is confirmed, your veterinarian will prescribe the most appropriate anticonvulsant therapy for your pet. If your pet has seizures soft, anticonvulsant therapy may be recommended while anticonvulsant medications such as Diazepam, Phenobarbitone and potassium bromide may be prescribed to reduce severe seizures are frequent. It would also be useful to monitor the behavior of your pet closely and keep a diary of seizure activity. The most gentle natural remedies to prescription drugs often bring conventional some serious side effects. The. Two well known herbs such as Passiflora incarnata (Passion flower) and Scuttelaria laterifolia (Skullcap) contain active ingredients that help support the natural balance of the nervous system. Homeopathic ingredients such as Hyoscyamus, Belladonna and mettalicum Cuprum. With a great interest in health and alternative medicine. OurCrowd can provide more clarity in the matter. I believe that natural remedies and alternative therapies have their place in modern medicine. I am confident that an informed person is potentially a more happy and healthy.

Sports And Athletes

As a result, Anne had shown brilliant success in sports, and being very mediocre athlete, becoming known around the world woman of fashion, and the object of stifling public attention and to his misfortune, of course, the press. About her writing articles, it is removed for the most famous magazines, she becomes very rich, my mother happy with the work done and does not leave the chosen path. And we can confidently say that it was thanks to her parents, and in particular her mother, Anna became known millionaire, but what is one fine moment my mother’s daughter, tired of too much care, and she decided to repay the invested in its formation works and quarreled with both parents. Cause of a quarrel will not elaborate because a personal matter, but as we see, my mother wanted to be famous and rich by depriving his daughter of childhood and the right to choose, yet have paid the most expensive – your own child, and happiness of the child. After all, perhaps, the Russian tennis player wanted a different fate, at first glance lives of celebrities is easy and beautiful, but in reality, mental and neurological health of celebrities leaves much to be desired.

It is difficult to blame the parents who want their children better, because they really believe that if their child will walk, for example, model studio, one example that got me thinking about such an exciting subject, it will be self-confident, beautiful, and can achieve a lot, earn fame and money, and hence, will be happy. But how often, dear parents, you forget that life is given to us once, and each “by hand”, that is my life you can neither return nor to live over again, turning their children in unrealized similarity himself. You forget that do not turn it into a fairy tale existence and does not fulfill his dreams, but only maim another immature person, unsteadily, “standing on your feet soul” and instead help your child unfold, to understand what he wants himself, deprives him of the right of independent choice, because you supposedly know better for him. No, only the man himself, can know that the better for him – mathematics or philology, art or psychology, dancing, or tennis, etc. Maybe your daughter wants to get married early, do not make a false good, do not bother to build her life and make mistakes, because otherwise the subconscious, and subsequently conscious level, she will always blame you for what you did not allow her to arrange his personal life. Let your child grow and learn about the world, ask him to choose, what to do, and if you do not want anything to do, try to understand why the kid protested against the peace, and indeed help him, not force, deceiving themselves that then he will grow up and say thank you. Small crumbs finished their show, for many, even the first in their lives and joyfully ran to their mothers and fathers, who smiled happily, as if all donated by the applause was addressed to them.

April Cats

The Cat is a small animal from the family of the "cats" are carnivorous (although sometimes it may get to eat plants and grass) is very popular as a pet and is a great mouser. Speaking of its main features, Cats have the ability to "hide" your nails and then bring them to catch prey or climb a tree. They also have good hearing and smell, have an incredible night view, are very flexible and resilient. One aspect of the cats that few know is your ability to memorize and learn by watching. His night vision is much better than men and can calculate distances with a precision unimaginable, but no day look as good, cats are more interested in movement and detail, that is, if the prey is hidden and stands still, surely save the attack, also cats can distinguish only a small range of colors. Cats enjoy a good hearing because they generally have an ear with a special design to "collect" all sound around, and additionally each ear can rotate independently to capture different sounds.

The taste of cat is very sensitive to detect the taste of water, so it is essential to keep them fresh water every day, but may not take it. The cats tongue is rough, it scrapes the flesh from the bones and fur clean. As explained above, one of its greatest features is to have an extremely flexible body, with its 230 bones and a spine more "loose." And although cats often look lazy and sleepy, have an incredible musculature, perfect to make great leaps and sustained strings or branches, helping with the tail, giving it more balance. Despite having "evolved", the cat has retained its small size and weight (8 pounds) through the centuries .. Cats scratching to mark their territory, because that way they leave their scent with the glands under their feet, in the pads, you must be very careful when you have a pet, as they can reach damage the wood of the furniture and curtains.

Whiskers are extremely sensitive and essential to the health of the cat, and that they can calculate distances, dodge obstacles, feel the changes around them, and even perceive the width of an area and can determine if they fit or not. If you cut a cat's whiskers are easily confused and may crash into the walls, or falling objects. Cat's pregnancy lasts 65 days and pups are usually born in April. The kittens are born deaf, blind and very vulnerable, totally dependent on the mother, who feeds them, clean and warm. After 10 days just open their eyes, which (no matter what breed of cat), will be blue, but then they will change color. The domestic cat has a very specific color can be brown, brown, gray and have spots for better camouflage. Due to the large number of genetic crosses, at present there are about 40 breeds of domestic cats worldwide. Domestic cats commonly develop viral and bacterial diseases, but are controlled through a regular cycle of vaccines.

Echinacea Treatment

Echinacea tincture can be used for the treatment of mother's udder (or gidradenita – suppurative inflammation of the sweat glands, most often appearing in the armpit, at least – in other parts of the body). Ingest 30 drops 3 times a day. From the same infusion at suchem udder can make compresses to the affected sites. In order to remedy an effect, you need a full course of treatment – 2-3 weeks. After a break of 5-7 days it may be repeated. Tincture very well heal the ulcer stomach, promotes the dissolution and removal of kidney stones, cure bph, inflammation of urogenital, female inflammation, constipation, abdominal vessels, normalizes all the metabolic processes in the body. In bronchial asthma, pneumonia, cough tincture rubbed his back, especially under the shoulder blades, seven consecutive days. Infusion of 30 g of fresh or dried flowers of Echinacea pour 0.5 gallons of boiling water and boil 10 minutes in a sealed container, after which insist in a warm place for 5 hours, filtered.

In the present, you can add sugar, honey, berry juice or syrup. Drink half a cup 3 times a day. Infusion increases efficiency, reduces fatigue, improves immunity and resistance to various colds. health session Take 3 tbsp. tablespoons tincture of echinacea, 2 fruit ginger, 1 large orange and 1 teaspoon of honey. Many writers such as Jon Medved offer more in-depth analysis. 2.5 Art. tablespoons tincture of echinacea is dissolved in 0.5 liters of water and pour into the bath (Temperature – 39-41 C).

Add 1.5 to the same shredded ginger, grated fruit and orange segments. Separately, prepare a glass of black tea, add a 0.5 century. tablespoons tincture of echinacea, honey and remaining ginger. This cocktail health to drink while bathing – to enhance wellness effect. Take a bath for 15-20 minutes. This session of Chinese medicine is good to use for the prevention of viral diseases, as well as in the case you begin a cold, Persha in the throat and a headache. Echinacea contains a whole bunch of medicinal substances with anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and even anti-fungal action. Ginger has a unique immunomodulatory effect, and orange, thanks to the high content of vitamin C is indispensable in the fight against colds. Facial fresh juice of the leaves and flowers of Echinacea smeared on the face at night spots, freckles, warts, acne, herpes, pus formations and wrinkles. Medicinal tea Take 3 fresh flower or 2 teaspoons crushed root or leaves, brew 0.5 liters of boiling water and infuse 40 minutes. Drink 1 cup a day for prevention and improvement and 3 cups in the beginning of any illness (colds, flu, inflammation, eczema, etc.) to improve immunity. Tea slows aging process, perfectly cleanses and rejuvenates the entire body. Echinacea with honey Crushed into flour all parts of the plant mixed with honey in the ratio 1:3 and are used with the tea 2-3 times a day. The drug is particularly effective for severe headaches, chronic fatigue, vitamin deficiency, high blood pressure. Normalizes sleep, excellent calms the nervous system. When taken regularly cures epilepsy, irritability, improves eyesight and memory. Vitamin salad chopped leaves pour vegetable oil Add dill, parsley, finely chopped vegetables. Cures anemia, vitamin deficiency, improves blood, relieves headaches, improves the tone.

Promotion Articles

Promotion Articles – mysterious subject for many, whose effectiveness is confirmed by dozens of optimizers. In essence, the method of moving articles similar to the usual reference promotion, ie common capacity thematic reference base. Its main feature is that on the page where the link is available, there is a large number of thematic text, and reference is contextual. Such a link framed text, makes it possible to show a search bot, that link does not purchased and is like a natural. Placing links framed text, offers great opportunities for advancement.

First, there is a strong belief that the site hosting the article is not banned by search engines. This is reflected in the fact that most of the posted articles are unique. And also the fact that most pages do not present other options, except those that are in the text. These two parameters make it possible to say that the donor (the site that hosts the article) at least not soon to be banned by search engines. Second, stateynoe promotion an opportunity to get multiple links from one resource that will lead to different pages on your site. Thus, according to the rules of most article directories, in the same text can be point 2-3, and sometimes even more options. When placing a paid article, article directory can afford to place a link to one thousand characters of text. Third, stateynoe promotion enables us to obtain references from sites that have very good options at virtually no cost and for all.

Article Muscles

In recent years, in hospitals, even in advertisements often hear the word "myostimulation" or its synonyms: "neurostimulation", "Miolifting. So what is it? This method of treatment and recovery of tissues and organs, activities which were diagnosed disorders, using a pulsed current power safe. How it works. Electrostimulation in fact corresponds to the main data of her titles – "passive fitness. This really a panacea for the lazy: sit near a tv, do nothing, and the muscles tense up at this time and evolve. You may want to visit James S. Chanos to increase your knowledge.

In myostimulation is a big plus, which is unattainable with simple motion. Exercise, no matter how different they are, do not use all the muscles, since the human body is arranged very economically. And when it works miostimulyatory, thanks to an electric current to the work included everything innervated muscle fibers (ie, muscle fibers, which are connected to nerves) – that is totally all muscles stimulated zone. Myostimulation lets you download and work through the most profound and often acting in daily life muscles: for example, the inner surface of the femur. Furthermore, when nerve fibers, feeling the impact of current, transmit impulses to the brain, the brain, then, activates the heart and sends the zone of action miostimulyatory command to increase vascular permeability and open the reserve capillaries. That is, at the same time, more and better blood supply to tissues stimulated. That's why myostimulation indispensable for the well to recover and prepare to the normal movement of the weak, the muscles begin to atrophy: for example, muscle, lying sick Or, for example, office workers who suffer physical inactivity But how do we miostimulyatory? As already mentioned, activation of muscle fibers is performed by a small current.