The Rapid Advancement Of Sites With Articles

Step by step instruction on promotion of Internet sites with articles. Estimating the cost of works. First you need the article itself. The optimal amount of text for SEO-articles” about three thousand characters without spaces. Most directories items have limits on the amount of text and it should be a minimum of two thousand characters. Article in volume in half MS-Word list is not difficult to write himself, although you can entrust this work to professionals, to order an article special forums, or on special “exchanges of content, such as TextBroker.Ru. Price may vary from 2 to 6 conventional units per thousand characters without spaces.

Thus, the average Seo-paper can cost 300 rubles. Further, having the article, it must be propagated. Ie make at least 50 articles, each of which will contain “unikalizirovanny text. To do this, there are programs “sinonimayzery. Such a program is having its “base synonyms, replaces some words in the article on their synonyms. Thus article contains a unique search engine text.

Next. Take the list of article directories where you can add a free article. Again, the address article directories you can get on online forums dedicated to the promotion of Internet sites. Personally, in my database of about three hundred free directories of articles. In fact, the job of sending your article to article directories can be instruct professionals; the same forum SearchEangines.Ru you can easily find a man who for 300 rubles hand thrust out an article on its database directory entries. Very not recommended similar runs in automatic mode. Total this operation. For 600 rubles to promote the site may receive more than one hundred very valuable references.