The modern enterprise

In the exercise of his trade, the modern enterprise has produced undeniable benefits. In general, the public has provided timely and adequate supply and more effective distribution of goods and services. Through the dissemination of cr has increased the purchasing power of large segments of the population and, through advertising, has brought them knowledge of new and useful products to meet their overall needs. Moreover, the increase in productivity and mass production have allowed the price reduction. … any service that truly provides the government could be supplied more efficiently and moral by private enterprise and cooperative Murray Rothbard, For a New Liberty, however, it is clear that today is not enough simply that the company complies with their economic goals. People generally expect it to take part in other areas of social life and provides solutions.Moreover, the company to survive and develop fully, you need to do so within a market economy. Our market economy, said economist Wilhelm Roepke, “is a system of contractual relationships, millions of isolated economies in complicated relationship, but thanks to the market mechanism are combined into an ordered whole, in a combination of freedom and order probably constitutes the greatest extent that both can be achieved in both. “And he maintains that a well regulated market economy requires a clear framework that the State raises important tasks, a sound monetary system and a prudent cr policy, a legal order to exclude as much as possible abuses of the free market and to ensure that success can only be achieved by providing a genuine service, and lastly, a multitude of measures and institutions to ameliorate the most of the numerous imperfections of the market economy, with emphasis on a certain correction of the income distribution and safety and protection of the weak. One of the social issues important and controversial at a time, is the payment of tax to make the company the state. Taxes are not just for the support of government administration, public services, social security and implementation of infrastructure projects, but are one of the few resources available for redistribution.Therefore, each of the decisions the company takes today (setting up a plant, launching a new product, fire staff, compete aggressively modernize their operations, import or export) affects a multitude of people who have no voice in the marketplace classic, but that increasingly create new market conditions, through social pressure, moral admonitions or legislation. Hence the company is the key institution of economic life, the manifestation of creativity and personal freedom. It is essentially a human group that some men will bring capital, others work and others, address, with the consequent purposes: