The Meaning

Another very important mission is service to others, but in the same way as we do not know our potential, we expect someone to guide us and the people around us, has not been the best adviser of our lives, most Sometimes the information is completely wrong. For this reason I think there should be a space in the family, school and elsewhere, which provide information on this subject, so we can wake up to our true nature from small, so our world would be different. Different spiritual experiences in my life, allowed me to enjoy life, finding a real sense of my existence. God has given me the joy of knowing my true identity and at the same time has commanded great people that we can consider as a real example, that if we consider the memes presented by Dr. Ramon in Education is the same as an example. I still remember with great emotion, like a light appeared in my path and my name, I saw the first triptych of Education seminar on holistic and read its contents, I found surprising the topics to be addressed, then I realized that was what I was looking for, to attend the seminar information was handled left me stunned, almost a month I was thrilled, as if he had found the last wonder of the universe, I had many problems with my teammates, I guess they thought I was crazy auction, but I did not care, I read some books of the doctor and continued attending various events we do, and now I'm studying the mastery that is a path for understanding the meaning of life, to build a comprehensive education allow human beings to establish order in one's own conscience, to recognize his true identity and being happy with life.