Later Hesodo, in century VIII with its workmanship ' ' Teogonia' ' , it establishes all the genealogy of deuses Greek, ' ' instructed for the proper muses, when this shepherded sheep at one’s feet the sacred Helikon&#039 mount; '. Hesodo, however, differently of Homero, even though finished with the direct interference them deuses in the life them men, insisting on its paper of guards of the morality, divinizando moral abstractions, as Justice (Dik); strange concerns to poems homricos. However, had its cultural characteristics, the Greeks did not wait that its religion ' ' he saved of pecado' ' or he granted dons spirituals to them; these concerns had always been limited to the rficos cults or the mysteries of elusis, seitas of eastern origin of matrix salvacionista and practised by minorities, generally intellectual (the influence of these cults in the philosophy of Pitgoras is clear and, probably, through texts Pythagoreans, in the philosophy of Plato). For the official religion (of Homero and Hesodo) Greek did not have orders, or dogmas, nor ritual or sacramentos complicated. All Greek he was free to believe what she wanted and to lead its life as she understood well, without needing to fear the anger of deuses. Perhaps, many authors evaluate, she is one of the reasons for which there the Greeks had been able to reach size intellectual, artistic progress and politician. Still mentioning Homero to it in the book ' ' Daily pay; ' of the collection the Thinkers comment themselves that ' ' humanizando deuses and moving away the fear from deceased, the homricas epics describe a luminous world, in which the values of the present life are exaltados. If, this corresponds to the aristocratic ideals of the time, also represents the advance of a rationalization process and laicizao of the culture, that will lead to the philosophical and scientific vision, of a universe governed for the reason: centuries later, the philosopher Heraclitus de feso will make of Zeus one of the names of the Logos, the universal reason (Daily pay).