The first years

The first years of the EBC classes and by 1933 had been regularized and began racing banker, accountant and secretary private stenographer, the EBC was constructed with the work of excellent teachers committed to their work and home without lose sight of the human factor that should be teaching. With this ideology, were conceived many projects, foremost among them the creation of the Vocation of Social Sciences, which under a very different concept was created later to consolidate their own high school. H jar Alfredo Chavero and taught at the years 30. During the presidential term of L zaro C rdenas was carried out major changes in the education sector. In 1936 he made an amendment to article 3 of the Constitution which was significant for Mexican education. This reform impacted seriously on the private education sector, since many schools were closed for not meeting the conditions.The case of the EBC was an exception, and that far from being suspended, was favored in their academic work. On 11 September 1939, President C rdenas issued a decree in force to date, which officially recognizes the studies in the EBC, for which, together with certificates issued by it, have the same force as of government schools. The decree also establishes that the SEP will confirm the studies in the EBC and the certificates issued by it.In Article 4 of this document is given to the institution wide recognition it enjoys to this day, which is given relative freedom to create their own curricula in their various subject areas, provided they receive the official authorization. Agust n Loera and Chavez together with Alejandro Prieto Llorente, an event of the students in the EBC in the 40 This presidential decree gave the EBC many opportunities within academia, and to propose strategies teaching and innovative programs in their curricula, a situation that led to the head of private educational institutions for several decades, which allowed him also, over time, establish itself as the first system that specializes in business in Mexico. Since then, EBC has continued to grow and offer new services such as daytime courses for students and night for employees, the accounting career stenographer and private secretary.This continued with the lessons by correspondence, which later became the Open Learning Institute and the founding in 1939 of the Banking and Trade Publishing, Ltd., where he published books to meet the needs of the School, both in the school modality and the distance program. The first books published under the Banking and Commerce were signed Accounting Principles, Accounting Systems and Accounting Superior written by Alejandro Prieto Llorente, who would years later Director General of the EBC.