Banco de Cro

Banco de Cro e Inversiones Banco de Cro e Inversiones (also known by its acronym, and trade names BCI) is a Chilean bank, Yarur family property since its inception. The Bank was founded in 1937 by John Yarur Lolas and a group of entrepreneurs, in order to support small and medium enterprises in Chile. Throughout its history, the bank has been characterized by innovation in its services and the use of technology. After the crisis of the ’80s, BCI was the first bank to prepay its debt to the Central Bank. In 1991, the same day of payment, then President George died Yarur Banna, just as he announced the news to employees of the company. BCI is currently the third largest private bank in terms of bank loans and fourth in number of clients, private behind Banco Santander Chile and Banco de Chile and the State BancoEstado.BCI is a member of the International Confederation of Popular Banks (CIBP), international organization based in Brussels that brings together cooperative banks worldwide.