SENA work

What is SENA The System is an organization that links a set of entities providing technical training, technology and vocational training, for structuring the training response, from the identification and definition of national competency standards for work, the concerted process social actors in the country. It acts systemically to: Make consistent training offers the entities within the system. Systematically and effectively articulate supply the needs of the working world. Articulation with the formal education system, establishing transparent mechanisms for equivalency and approvals. Mission SENA is responsible for fulfilling the function that the State must invest in social and technical development of Colombian workers, providing and implementing comprehensive professional training for the incorporation and development of people in productive activities that contribute to social development, economic and technological development. Vision The practice of Integral Training, as central to the social, outward focused, based on national and international dynamics, contributing to creativity and business innovation, and promoting processes that support the transformation of work and occupational demand nationwide.