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In Galicia the number 2 on the candidacy of PP was not aware of their obligations to finance and has been forced to resign by the president of the Galician PP, “chapeau” for Nu ez-Feijoo and will high time someone do such things, take note of the PP spokesman in Gandia similar problem to not only resign if not accusing the PSOE to publish the news and said that this happens to everyone, that only a Error ways of seeing things and doing politics, has much more future Torres Nu ez-Feijoo of all, all. And they fall, and will continue to fall, although it seems this is the refrain of the song of Mana, this is what is beginning to happen with the relatives of the PP and its foreign business, a few weeks ago and commented on the strange relationship and commissioning of PP and the Generalitat Valenciana for a company called Orange Market, is now in the courts as professional suspects, and requires less to aerate the litter beneath the carpets. Brief news already published: SPECIAL EVENTS AND DECLARED NOT A SUBSIDIARY OF 282,239 EUROS ZAPLANA CAMPAIGNS AND CAMPS The list of Special Events with popular Valencia goes back at least to the appointment autonomous in 1999 when the presidential candidate of the Generalitat was Eduardo Zaplana.On that occasion, the report of audit of accounts of election of that year the Audit Office, Special Events has fulfilled the Law of Electoral System and had not provided the Catalan services provided by a value of 60,000 euros. (El Levante. 20.05 .05) SPECIAL EVENTS ACHIEVE PROCUREMENT OF Galician regional government and the Generalitat Valenciana The communications company that has worked for the PP and is owned by companies based in Caribbean tax havens, has been hired by a number of self-government People’s Party. According to Cadena SER has been able get a major award from the Xunta de Galicia for an advertising campaign. The current president of Special Events was then leader of the Galician PP. The most striking case is, however, the House Eguinoa Antonio, who served eight years as personal secretary Aznar at La Moncloa.She stopped in her post while the former president and made to join the staff of Special Events in July 2004. Leave the company pasado17 February, coinciding with the first public complaints about the award of contracts to this company. SER.18.05.05 FISCAL PARADISE SPECIAL EVENTS WHERE IS FILING IS A CENTER OF MONEY AND DRUGS, AS U.S. The U.S. state department said the snow island as one of the dedicated tax havens launder black money. In this small Caribbean island lost track of the owners of Special Events, the company that in recent years has contracted much of the propaganda and events arranged by the popular party and government in governing.SER.19.05.05 THE COMPANY THAT HAS ORGANIZED EVENTS PP companies of BELONGS TO TAX HAVENS With Special Events have been linked Aznar’s personal secretary at La Moncloa and close friends of his son. The company that has been organizing events or conferences of the Popular Party, which has also benefited from institutional campaigns of the party in government, belongs to companies based in Caribbean tax havens. The current leaders of this company, called Special Events, claim they were unaware that circumstance.

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