The Personality is formed in a interactivo process with the life systems involve that it: the family, school, groups of pairs, work and the society. A Personality, is marked by all socialization process and that the family assumes an important role very. The type of environment also lived deeply influences the Personality. b) Personal experiences. They accumulate of stocks the experiences of each one, influencing its personality.

The events, the lived, positive or negative experiences afectam the personality throughout all life. 4 – THEORIES OF the PERSONALITY the theories constitute attempts to describe and to explain the way as the individuals if they distinguish in its general style of the behavior, in its personality. It stops beyond considering clarifying pictures of the personality, they look for to foresee the behavior future of the individuals, and in many cases, to prescribe the treatment of some disturbances. 5 – EVALUATION OF the PERSONALITY the evaluation of the personality, is an important area of the application of Psychology to the concerns of the real world. The Psychologists, researchers evaluate the personality of people, in an attempt to explain its behavior.

Thus the necessity urges to identify elements important to evaluate characteristics of the personality. As the personality is one constructo, this to be studied has of being operacionada, arranging indicating to evaluate it. It is not so easy to evaluate the personality. For the Psychologist, the evaluation of the personality, also places enmeros problems, as they are the psicomtricas qualities of the instrument, the instrument choice, the allegiance, the validity of the measure. In the actualidade, an only method adapted for all does not exist the psychologists, when the personality is evaluated, it is based on different instruments. The confluence of some methods and techniques of research of the personality, has allowed a deep inquiry in this area. Nowadays, the main methods of evaluation of the personality, are: ) Objectivos inventories or Auto-Story.