National Politics

Already familiar violence, can be understood as that one that is practised by familiar of the aged one, its children, grandsons, greats-grandson, spouses or friends, amongst other people who possess familiar linking with this elderly. The International day of combat to the violence against the elderly, is commemorated in 15 of June, was marked by great acts, in many parts of the Country. This is an excellent chance so that the society if acquires knowledge on the problem and promotes quarrels that help to change a preoccupying picture. Currently, 15 years after the edition of the law of National Politics of Aged and the 6 years after the Statute of the Aged one, still is in initial phase the adoption of practical guarantors of the rights of the aged one in Brazil. Data of the IBGE give account that, in Brazil the contingent of Aged has grown of sped up form. They is esteem that, up to 2020, the Country counts on 40 million people above of 60 years, having started to be the sixth Country with more aged in the world.

Governmental research in the area of the health, affirms that amongst the main problems faced for the aged ones, the greater of them is of the violence, that is not alone in Brazil, today, the violncias and the accidents constitute 3.5% of the deaths of aged people, occupying the sixth place in mortality, after the illnesses of the circulatrio device, the neoplasias, of the respiratory diseases, digestive and endcrinas. Accidents and violncias per year die more than 13 a thousand aged for, meaning, per day, average of 35 deaths, of which 66% are of men and 34%, of women. About aged 10% of that they die for violence are victims of homicides, being that in the majority of the cases, they are men. In Brazil, the information on illnesses, injuries and traumas provoked for violent causes in aged still are little consistent.