Physical Education

How often do we think about the origin of the surroundings? If you say that is not often, and it will be too mildly. Well, if you reflect and then only when necessary, military or some other. That's standing in the Physical Education, ordering products to school, advising customers in the store, some people wondered about the origin of the wall bars. Well, it's a wall, no one raises questions, and why it is Swedish – of interest to many. For To answer this question, we turn to senior manager of the company producing sporting goods and sports equipment Sportin M, Subbotin, Dmitry. "Yes, indeed it is a product like no other interested our customers. What is it interesting? What is it? And if I may so say who you are, wall bars? Parent of the sports equipment can be called Peer-Henrik Ling, a theologian who taught fencing and gymnastics in universities. It was he who in 1805 – 1813's created "and the Swedish medical gymnastics." The method of Ling has found its adherents, and spread rapidly in schools, and armies of Sweden and Germany.

This method has served as the basis for teaching physical education in schools of various levels of accreditation in our country. Much has changed since then – the requirements, rules, conditions, but the fundamentals remain intact. And that is the basis of Swedish gymnastics embodies the wall bars. Basics of Swedish gymnastics: – to give new points of support in different parts of the body to produce more intense movements, or fast, unimaginable without this support (visy, pulling, climbing, jumping repulsion hands, stooping body in all directions with the fixation of the lower belt, etc.). – Call to work muscle groups in normal exercises little involved in the work (balancing, leg movement without the support them, ie, at visah, etc.). – To create obstacles to the various movements in order to impede their performance and application exercises (jumps, climbing and entry on an inclined plane, vaulting, transitions from visov at point blank range lifting weight, etc.). As you can see, the foundations of Swedish gymnastics for all of us are familiar with. In fact, if you remember all the exercises to be performed on the wall bars, then easily visible execution of the method of Ling. Of course, wall bars, like so much equipment has been tested to "strength" a lot of bureaucratic offices. Being modified form of wall materials for production, installation methods, but the principle remains the same, and that many years ago. " Here's the answer we got from the top manager of the company producing sporting goods and sports equipment Sportin M, Dmitry Subbotin.