Promotion Articles

Promotion Articles – mysterious subject for many, whose effectiveness is confirmed by dozens of optimizers. In essence, the method of moving articles similar to the usual reference promotion, ie common capacity thematic reference base. Its main feature is that on the page where the link is available, there is a large number of thematic text, and reference is contextual. Such a link framed text, makes it possible to show a search bot, that link does not purchased and is like a natural. Placing links framed text, offers great opportunities for advancement.

First, there is a strong belief that the site hosting the article is not banned by search engines. This is reflected in the fact that most of the posted articles are unique. And also the fact that most pages do not present other options, except those that are in the text. These two parameters make it possible to say that the donor (the site that hosts the article) at least not soon to be banned by search engines. Second, stateynoe promotion an opportunity to get multiple links from one resource that will lead to different pages on your site. Thus, according to the rules of most article directories, in the same text can be point 2-3, and sometimes even more options. When placing a paid article, article directory can afford to place a link to one thousand characters of text. Third, stateynoe promotion enables us to obtain references from sites that have very good options at virtually no cost and for all.