Also nerves peripheral, as much sensorial (the ones that takes the messages until the central system nervous), how much engines (the ones that they take the message in the inverse direction), show deterioration signals. All these information were current and they had been placed only now of so explicit form for the medicine. ' ' Therefore each time that a person drinks an alcoholic beverage cup it is affecting its cerebral cells, causing the premature death of many of them ' ' The Dr. Knisely arrived to confess that before he was a social drinker, ' ' but after the evidences found in the laboratory regarding males of the alcohol in the brain, it felt that it is not rational that any human being continues using alcoholic beverage, exactly with the objective of being cordial in one festa' '. Complete E: ' ' It only has a form of if exempting of the perigos of the alcohol: it is to be completely abstmio' '.

The Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa, in the book ' ' Longevity of the Crebro' ' it affirms that: ' ' Exactly the limited alcohol ingestion can cause some damage. Each time that the alcohol enters in the sanguine chain, it temporarily disactivates the protective mechanism called hematoenceflica barrier. This is a barrier natural biochemist who surrounds all the capillaries in the brain, protecting them of ' ' vazamento' ' of harmful substances of the sanguine chain for the brain. When the alcohol temporarily disarticulates this obstacle, brain becomes more vulnerable toxic substances.

The damage caused for these toxins can lead to the formation of free radicals, what it results in the death of neurnios.' ' Therefore, according to story, does not remain doubt of that the alcohol consumption is the great contributing factor for the damages to the brain, as well as decurrent shunting lines of behavior. Ghadirian, in its studies on the effect of the alcohol consumption in the quality of the work, places the following one: ' ' More than what any illness, alcoholism cause the absenteeism, raised medical expenditures and reduces the quality of the work. In accordance with the Institute Tringo de Pesquisa, of the Carolina of the North, is esteem that the cost of alcoholism for the economy of the United States was of one hundred and dezessete billions of dollar in 1983. With this total, the country could have constructed schools, hospitals and saved the life of thousand of pessoas.' ' The habit of the alcohol consumption can be one of the reasons of increase of estresse in the work environment, a time that, according to stories, it weakens the nervous system consequently and the consumers if they debilitate physics mentally and. In such a way, the attributes as the patience and tolerance diminish drastically between the servers. Still, the companies can waste many resources for training, without counting on the waited results, had to this habit that affects the nerves and neurons, and diminish the mental performance. Unhappyly, many real data on the negative effect of alcohol consumption and its influence in the performance of intelligence are not divulged as an information of public utility. In general, the people are not conscientious of the damages that the alcohol can cause indirectly in the professional accomplishment. Therefore, a specific study becomes necessary on the question and that the entrepreneurs dedicate to greater attention to this subject, evaluating the influence of the alcoholic beverage consumption in the performance and productivity of the worker. Felora Daliri Sherafat Author of the Book: Trabalho and Reencontro de Interesses!