I FAIRTRADE International Business Day

From 23 to November 27, 2009, was held the First International Seminar on Business Trade Fair in San Isidro de El General, Costa Rica. The activity brought together representatives of producers of Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, as well as participants from different countries buying Fairtrade products, focus on improvements sustainable productive activity. As this is a pilot activity, the topics of discussion focused on the two products increased sales volume in the region, coffee and sugar. It is expected the participation of about 50 organizations from all parts of the world, including Central American producers and importers of Fair Trade National Initiatives and the FLO Fair Trade organization. We can say that it achieved the objective of Create a direct swap between Central American producers certified under the Fairtrade label and operators of the buyer countries and initiatives of the FAIRTRADE Label to strengthen business relationships and strengthen the Fair Trade System ” It also achieved the following: pre “> Facilitate connections between producers and buyers of fair trade. Publicize the progress of producers on issues of interest to importers and retailers: Quality, Traceability, export capacity and competitiveness. Provide key information on market: Potential Supply and Demand for Organic – Fair Trade and Organic certified and / or certifiable. To analyze the evolution of the Fairtrade market and its challenges to its competitiveness with conventional market. To disseminate the work of Labelling Initiatives andoperators in consumer countries and analyze on how producers can help strengthen relationships of cooperation. Outsource the involvement of the liaison office of fair trade in Central America to strengthen its mission to support trade relations and cooperation measures to determine the sustainability of producer organizations. Search for alternatives and solutions together to improve trade relations and the competitiveness of Fair Trade products in consumer countries. FROM OUR CENTRAL FLO sincere thanks to Coopeagri FOR EXCELLENCE IN THE ORGANIZATION OF THE EVENT!