Free Checking Account

More and more banks offer a checking account for free. More than two thirds of the examined by the Foundation Financial Test Financial Test in your current edition of banks and savings banks have a free checking account in the offer. Most of the banks represented in Germany but attaches conditions to their free checking account. A switch to another bank, perhaps even a direct, but may be worth the same. Regular customer announces an example, and goes to a free provider such as the Bank 1822direkt he saves up to 200 per year. Important in a bank draft for virtually every customer is that cash for free, on as many machines to have ist.Viele institutions and financial service providers have their checking account products, however, accompanied by other conditions. Time there is a free checking account just for online customers without Schufa entry or for new customers only in certain regions. Still other banks require a minimum cash receipt or receipt of a salary from 700 to 1300 for the then no longer free checking account. Still other banks to hide the costsalso liked to go into annual fees for the debit card in the first year is almost always free. Currently, no supra-regional service provider offers a free checking account with Visa or MasterCard credit card and debit card in both for online customers as well as for branch customers unconditionally free. Another non-negligible factor in choosing the right current account is the interest on the account. Hardly a bank offers its customers a free checking account and earn interest that then too. There are also direct banks that can afford it and want. Not infrequently Rates of Remuneration from 0.5 to 3 percent. Simply that the big banks do not slip. There are simply too many on-line or direct banks, which can calculate with less expenditure on personnel and property, and so the end user, perhaps less personal service, but to offer a totally free checking account.