Healthy Students

You can not give birth to a student acceptable, and may not take one, and I've never seen one listed in any catalog of mail I've read. Acceptable students are made, not born, by families determined to see their children succeed in life. To create one, to ensure pre-school children have raised every possible advantage to succeed and go to the college of their choice, the stage must be set in the early years of preparation for school. If the student's home is a circus, and not conducive to studying is time for some major changes. Students must have access to a comfortable place to study, virtually no distractions. A minimum of 1a to 2 hours each night should be devoted to studies and students must maintain a daily routine that includes a healthy diet and eight hours of sleep. Ideally, college students of determination should not be left alone unsupervised for long periods of time, certainly not more than 24 hours! They should not spend more than 15 hours each week in extracurricular activities, and it would be unwise to regularly burn the midnight oil.

The benefits of a good night's sleep can not be overstated. All students must start with choosing to take university courses in mind. At the time of entering grade 12, has created the right posture for admission committees stand up and take note. Four years of core subjects are what all colleges are more interested in, unless the student has a special ability as an athlete, singer, musician or artist.

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