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If you’ve ever tried an exercise bike you are missing out an exercise of fantastic cardio that will strengthen your legs, heart and lungs at the same time. A stationary bike is an appliance of low impact that makes life easier on your joints. Types of bikes not all bikes are equal. Mainly there are two types, the vertical and the reclining. The first option would be like a bicycle for a normal walk (your legs extended under your torso and your back without any support), only to static. Reclining bicycles also offer a more relaxed and more support position. They do not have a common seat but more resemble a chair with back support, and instead of pedaling down your legs will be in front of you.

Settings the proper adjustment of the bicycle that you use will give you a more effective training and will reduce the risk of injury. The good thing about all these bikes is that you can adjust almost everything to your way. Three to four main variables are:-height the seat. A vertical static bike seat should be at the height of your hip, if you stand on the side of the bike, that will give you a full Cadence. To climb, the leg stretched over the pedal which was down should be stretched almost completely, with only a small knee flexion, say around five to ten degrees. You should be able to pedal comfortably without having to get in tips of foot or not flexing. If necessary adjust the seat again so that you have the correct position. In a recliner bike your legs should extend almost completely, leaving a small knee flexion also.

Unlike the other bikes, the seat here is adjusted backward or forward. -Seat forwards or backwards (in vertical static bicycles). Once you properly agree the seat height, some bicycles allow the movement of the seat backward or forward for greater comfort. Proper pedaling position would be quite aligned the feet and knees. If your knees are passed toes take the seat further back. -The handlebar (for vertical bike). To the same as the previous point, many bicycles, the vast majority allows adjustment of the handlebar. Depends on how you feel most comfortable / but if you upload it you can reduce pressure on the lower back. For a correct position you should be able to easily reach handlebar, by keeping your elbows slightly bent. -Adjustment of feet. Many bikes have handles so that they do not slip or get out your feet pedaling. It’s a security measure but at the same time it is a great advantage since it will allow you to better manage the pedals, creating a more efficient pedaling. That handles do not fit you too, but that are not so loose. Now that you have everything set especially for you, what remains is you exercise. But even in this instance you can control many things from your static as the incline, resistance, speed, bicycle and even on some models set can be different programs that are included with the bike. For more exercise ideas and models of bikes I recommend you visit Fitness Store, where you can find options of static, reclining bicycles, spinning and much more.