Civil Register

Moreover, in the case of a simple adoption (without breaking of personal ties, family and legal between the adopting and the) parents or family natural or biological), such adoption is not automatically transformed into Spanish full adoption. If the adoption is going to become a country that is not party to the Convention, it is still very convenient that interested parties are directed in Spain to the body of your autonomous community, because the certificate of suitability issued by this is in any case essential to achieve the registration of the adoption. Obviously in these countries simple adoption is not automatically transformed into Spanish full adoption. What are the most common problems? Among others are La Hague Convention procedures; have not fulfilled that the adoption is not full and that, still full, has not been obtained in countries in which no applies the Convention, the certificate of suitability of the adoptive parents. The adoptive child will have difficulty obtaining Spanish documentation: Passport, DNI, in the Social Security. What solutions are conducted? 1St.-option to the Spanish nationality. In all cases in which the law of the country of the adoptive child to transfer parental Spanish adoptive parents, it has admitted the possibility that they exercise the option to Spanish nationality on behalf of the adopted son, and accordingly, stating so in the Civil Register. In this way, parents may obtain the appropriate documentation for your children.

2Nd-waiver to the revocation by the adoptive parents. The new law 18/1999 includes the forecast that if the difference between the Spanish adoption and adoptive country of the son is confined to this recognized adoptive parents the power to revoke the adoption (extinguish it by their own volition), the adoptive parents may waive that adoption before the charge of the Civil Register or in a public documenttransforming itself automatically and without judicial procedure in full adoption. 3Rd.-certificate of suitability. In the event the certificate of fitness has not been obtained with prior to the Constitution’s adoption, the Ministry of Justice has admitted, for the purpose of its registration in the Civil Register, which can be obtained after 4th. Transformation into full adoption. Constituted simple adoption may become, through a judicial procedure, full adoption and, in this case, shall apply all Spanish provisions to this adoption.