Cellulitis Causes

Many affirmations exist on the causes cellulitis. In Internet he is full of rumors and stories of old. Some of the most common causes referred to causes cellulitis are: the bad circulation, retention of liquids, special types of fat, among others casusas cellulitis. A product market is everything for the treatment of the cellulitis. In fact, the cellulitis can be caused by several things. The majority of products anti celulticos that there are that way, does not make anything to reduce it and is destined to cover only the symptoms.

With the purpose of to undo of the cellulitis, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of the problem. The causes, nevertheless, are not what the majority of people thinks. Making honor to the truth the cellulitis is like any other fat of the body. It is not a special type of fat storage, retention in excess of water, bad circulation, or any other thing. This demonstrated medically that the cellulitis is exactly the same that the normal corporal fat.

The aspect of requesn with hoyuelos, must to the fat that excels of the connective weave underneath the skin, causing swelling, grumos and hoyuelos, like the filling of a mattress, that generally give an aspect of orange peel to the skin. It is more common in the hips, the thighs and the rumps of the woman. The more greater she is the person, the more probabilities of having cellulitis. Generally it is not common to find cellulitis in the men, because the men have one more a heavier skin, and tend to store corporal fat in the stomach, instead of to store it in the part inferior of the body. Nevertheless in the woman the skin of the thighs and the rumps are thinner than the majority of other places in the body, which makes the cellulitis more visible. The hormonal factors also cause that the weave of the skin is broken, and force to that fat in excess to be located in these parts of the feminine body. The women who use contraceptives or are pregnant tend to develop cellulitis faster than others. The main causes cellulitis are the genetics, hormones, the specific types of foods, lack of appropriate methods of exercise, and others. All of them are related, and generally they concentrate around the hormonal influences. The reason by which the cellulitis is more common now than ever, is because there is a pile of incompatible hormonal influences. In the modern world, the women easily are put under environmental factors that they lead to a imbalance in hormones that cause the cellulitis. These harmful hormones disturb the colgeno and increase to the storage of fat in the thighs and the rumps. This combination causes that the cellulitis is very visible. With the purpose of to fight against these adversities, it is necessary to make specific changes in his daily life. Exercises accompanied by a specific diet can reduce harmful hormones and force their body to fight against the cellulitis. At the same time, also the skin and the muscles around the cellulitis will become hardened and tonificarn, which will make it much less visible, for always! Although there is no a single cause of the cellulitis, we know that you can control and reduce to the problem of the cellulitis attacking the causes known the cellulitis.