As well as the necessary love of the affection and the affection to provide happy and inesquecveis moments, as well as the necessary land of rain to give bread to the semeador, as well as the flowers they need to be watered to unclasp and to exhale its perfume for air, as well as Christ needed de a Cruz to save the so poor pecador, as well as the necessary child of the love and the affection of the parents to the wakening for the life, also velhinho needs the support of the children. Son is on whom I go to speak to it. He pulls the chair and he feels here close to me. I go to say of mine eighty January to it. The bible says that all Gloria of the man is as the flower of the grass, drying itself it grass its flower withers and falls. My son when we are in the vigor of the life we are heroes, more with passing of the time we wither as the flower of the grass.

Today you are a sun that this starting to shine and I a sun already if erasing. I ask for its attention, makes an effort if he will be able to take care of to me. The time goes to change my way to act. Somatic Experiencing: the source for more info. I took care of of you until growing, now you are arriving my time to age and you are asking for pra to take care of of me. The time meagers our life, silences our hearing and our voice. It takes off our force and our dexterity.

The time erases the clearness of our look. It weakens in them and places in us pain and the fatigue and goes withering as the flower of the grass. It does not only obtain to destroy the love that a father has for a son. My son, perhaps either the way that God gave to the time, of it to charge our badness, our egoism, our pride, our love for the materialism and our lovelessness for the good things of the life. My son I am asking for pra you to take care of of me. When you to call me and I not to hear try to understand my lack of hearing; when speech with me and I softly to answer to it with the voice almost erasing is that I lost the resistance of the lung. If I to be muttering nonsenses, am not amazement, am that the time diminished my capacity to reason, I became my slower memory, this is the start of the oldness, and for this it does not have solution. If to find me done ghost in the dawn, walking for the house without sleeping, will be also weight of the age. Perhaps my trembling hands go to hold a cane to assist my slow steps, and I will need its support. Son takes care of of me and he does not use of half perhaps getting rid itself of the weight that I became, or of my criancices. The life is thus: the time passes and all dumb one, and you also it goes to need aid if to be old as I. Son takes care of of me! Jair Garci’a Martins Ura – Paran