Article Muscles

In recent years, in hospitals, even in advertisements often hear the word "myostimulation" or its synonyms: "neurostimulation", "Miolifting. So what is it? This method of treatment and recovery of tissues and organs, activities which were diagnosed disorders, using a pulsed current power safe. How it works. Electrostimulation in fact corresponds to the main data of her titles – "passive fitness. This really a panacea for the lazy: sit near a tv, do nothing, and the muscles tense up at this time and evolve. You may want to visit James S. Chanos to increase your knowledge.

In myostimulation is a big plus, which is unattainable with simple motion. Exercise, no matter how different they are, do not use all the muscles, since the human body is arranged very economically. And when it works miostimulyatory, thanks to an electric current to the work included everything innervated muscle fibers (ie, muscle fibers, which are connected to nerves) – that is totally all muscles stimulated zone. Myostimulation lets you download and work through the most profound and often acting in daily life muscles: for example, the inner surface of the femur. Furthermore, when nerve fibers, feeling the impact of current, transmit impulses to the brain, the brain, then, activates the heart and sends the zone of action miostimulyatory command to increase vascular permeability and open the reserve capillaries. That is, at the same time, more and better blood supply to tissues stimulated. That's why myostimulation indispensable for the well to recover and prepare to the normal movement of the weak, the muscles begin to atrophy: for example, muscle, lying sick Or, for example, office workers who suffer physical inactivity But how do we miostimulyatory? As already mentioned, activation of muscle fibers is performed by a small current.