Anecdotes NLP Bandler

Effective communication applying NLP involves establishing rapport harmony between people, to achieve understanding and being understood, generating a climate of trust and understanding. One of the creators of NLP, Richard Bandler, applied certainly again this form of effective communication with a good dose of creativity, with all kinds of people making great achievements in its beginnings as a therapist in psychiatric hospitals, with schizophrenic people (who believe they have another identity). Bandler began to apply NLP even under these difficult conditions, with psychiatric patients, that any other therapist in the hospital had failed to address and less trying to heal them somehow in reality not wanted to interfere with medico-psiquiatrico treatment, but yes analyze aspects of certain mental patterns and be able to interrupt them and improve the situation of patients box. Here I will share with you one of the many anecdotes of Bandler applying resources of NLP who do not cease to be funny!: Certain day there by the beginning of the 1970s, in the early days of NLP, other professionals of the psychiatric hospital where he was attending, asked him to Bandler if I could do something with a patient very particular was a schizophrenic man, that he was convinced be Jesucristo Habian tested many methods to help him in his illness and none worked.Once assured Richard Bandler, the patient was not dangerous, they took him in his presence. To see him arrive, the man asked him:-Mio son, do they want? What Bandler said:-Hello Jesus wanted to meet you, I’ve heard so much of it you know, I’m a very religious person and longed to find you and schizophrenic man tells him:-my son, I’m happy too! At that time, Bandler, informed him that it recede a couple of minutes to do something a little bewildered man, asked his interlocutor about where he was going Bandler explanations He replied simply:-come on, you can not know what thou art Jesus! Before the perplexity of the patient, Bandler returned with a tape measure, told him to put the arms Cross and measured the size and stature of the head to the feet when one of the creators of NLP, was over, warned him that in an instant he would, again what the schizophrenic patient asked, already somewhat impatient and worried:-Do you think to make me a new suit? Bandler replied:-will Jesus, you certainly know what I want to do, stay quiet, is only your destination after a while returned to the room of a patient with two strips of wood and several nails Bandler supported them on the floor in the shape of cross and with a large hammer began to nail. .