Today Thursday

And that the State is the great engine of social aid. But a State that worry also in educating those most in need. Ignorant people in regards to family planning. However, without need for abortion. Safety instructions to avoid violations. The work is difficult, but not impossible. Mr Ollanta Humala who is recognized by his rejection of neoliberal policy, says that why we have broken relations with Libya. And calls to the Foreign Ministry explain the reasons by which broke diplomatic relations with that country.

Humala seems that it has newly come an intergalactic travel, because everyone knows the news. Today Thursday 24 February of the current year, Francisco Tudela, writes in his column in the daily express something that I think is right about what’s happening in Libya a small summary of the article-: the rebellions of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya are the beginning of the liberation of Arab, even oppressed peoples under the yoke of old socialist in the case of Egypt, Libya, dictatorships and, in general, Governments currently in progress means the collapse of regimes created under the wing of the defunct Soviet Union these dictatorships is perpetuated with Soviet aid new Arab generations who are rebelling against these tyrannical, Socialist and nationalist regimes, want to get rid of political oppression and integrate into a globalized economy, but that doesn’t mean that they will renounce Islam interesting this last part, because neoliberal policy may not be exempted from the large historical professions of faith. (Judaism, Islam, and Christianity) because their doctrines fight trample human beings in an attempt to overcome economic. Any attempt to separate from one another, is a symptom of not wanting to accept fundamental moral and ethical standards. It is my humble point of view.