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Prevention Of Periodontal Disease

Everyone knows that all diseases of teeth and gums, usually caused by bacteria, and therefore must abide by the basic rule of prevention – a good oral hygiene. Here means not only brushing Brush 2 times a day, and flossing or floss for a thorough cleaning between the teeth. In addition, after each meal, you […]

Clinic Laser Dentistry

The secret of this performance – a combination of bleaching properties of the laser and atomic oxygen – the active current component of the gel, which is used to procedure. During the session of whitening dentist puts on the tooth surface (or more often – it's "smile zone", ie incisors, canines and premolars) is a […]

Modern Dentistry: Dentures

In reality, what you like our compatriot significant place is occupied by its external appearance. Definitely it is for him to first take the set around and then form an opinion. Therefore, the type of each person Either way affect how it will relate to it placed around his people. Beautiful outer appearance be that […]