Background One

For example, multi-colored beads in the picture. They make an excellent central elements around which the small embroidery with beads. Holes in bisereU most beads, such as grain and glass, the hole in the middle. But for some, for example, pressed glass leaves, flowers, “tears” and other beads of irregular shape, the hole can be shifted to one side. Typically, these openings are called lateral and situated in a narrow part of the oval, “teardrop”, leaf or other beads of any shape. Since the opposite end of the bead remains neprishitym, such beads are perfect for finishing the edges of the product and fringe. When it comes to bead with a central hole, then passes through the hole to the middle. In planning the work ahead, we must consider the location and direction of the holes in the beads.

And one more very important point, which attention should be paid before you start working with beads – is its color and finish. After all, beads, like the thread for embroidery, coverage is different, so it looks different, for example, dull or brilliant. Shiny beads attracts the eye, dim merges with the background. Covering the general form of the product changes depending on the type of embroidery that is how many beads gathered together – one or two or a few dozen. Iridescent beads, for example, has many shades, even if it is taken from one package, such beads are easier to sew in large groups – only if it is homogeneous. It’s a shame to spend a lot of time and effort, and only then discover that the green beads looks too dull, and the pink is almost no different from the background. That is why it is important to pre-embroidered design pattern, using the materials in the same proportions as in the finished product. See the beads in a bag or tubular packaging is rather difficult, as we look at it from different angles, but the embroidery will see only one side of it. Take the time to make the sample at the same time you check, like beads and threads look together, well if they are combined with other beads, and then proceed to rabote.Na today. If you do not want to miss the emergence of new materials at this site, you can subscribe to news feed through out the form below, or choose a convenient way for you to subscribe to the main page.