The great deception of the crisis

The crisis is a major global fraud that takes place every 15-20 years. The capitalist system in which we are engaged has a major flaw with which it had when it was created, anyone can get rich and scale entrepreneurial social positions. This, obviously rich people, banks etc are not interested in the least, because the money that exists in the capitalist system just spreading among more people. If people have money, work less, produce less, and the employer has fewer benefits. Solution create a crisis in the global system as: 1. Banks stop lending money. 2.The media begin to slowly introduce the word Crisi s, causing fear among the population and preparing for what comes in the following months. 3. People are afraid, stop eating. 4. Once the population is already prepared, companies start to fire people arguing that it is due to the cri sis (have the perfect excuse), cheap dismissals … 5. Thousands of people are out of work, can not pay the mortgage, the bank seized the house and when people start to work it seized the payroll (though the bank may seize the floor, you still owe it.) You just lose all your money, your floor with debts that will follow the rest of your life. 6. Small entrepreneurs and enterprising people have put out of business by not receiving bank loans, the bank returns to seize … 7.The floor had bought for 300,000 euros now you say it is 200,000, but you’ve got 300,000 to the bank. 8. Speculation is when the rich take advantage and buy flats auction bargain banks, the left unsold for a couple of years before passing the cri sis, then the sale price of 400,000 euros. 9. When banks have enough assets, cr isis is loosening, return to lend money easily and return to fool people. 10. The population returns to receive money through easy loan (return the money on TV ads 24h) banks are not asking for collateral, etc … The “bank-entrepreneur-rich” brought to market goods procured in time cr isis. (With current market price, of course) 11.Within 15-20 years, the lords of the G20 create another cri system and return to start. In this way, bankers, business owners say that lower-middle classes can not access the higher social classes and that money is always at his side.(Up to us to work and pay the debts we generate them) Banks have benefit ALWAYS Everything is a big fraud I found this little theory about the crisis and I liked it, this taken from this forum if you would enter: f 24 t 168021