Public relations is

Public relations is called public relations (PR) discipline responsible for managing communication between an organization and a map of key audiences to build, manage and maintain its positive image. It is a discipline that was deliberately planned and carried out strategically. It has the characteristic of being a form of bidirectional communication, as it not only addresses his audience (both internal and external) but also listen and respond to their needs, thus fostering mutual understanding, and allowing it to use as a powerful competitive advantage when positioning claim. This discipline uses advertising, promotion information and not paid to do this job. To speak of Public Relations is essential to say what we mean by “Public Relations (PR). PR: A set of disciplines and sciences through a process of strategic and planned communication create, modify, develop and / or maintain a corporate image or person.The actions of PR are aimed at internal and external audiences, aiming to obtain a lenient view of them. Current trends and studies of them say they are leaving aside the PR as just another tool for marketing and integrated communications. The basic idea of such a move is that whoever carried out this challenge is the Director of Communications and from there comes the organization, where the purpose of communication actions and policies are consistent with those of the institution is important to note that the current position of the communication and PR is on the agenda for the “public”, this means that as a company or institution is important to be “more than presentable” that is always prone to the audience.Today, new communication channels are the “cyberspace” as social networks, blogs, etc.. These communications give the opportunity to be always present, constantly renewed and be creative. Take this challenge as a PR advantage to using the new trends as a great tool to get a good picture.