Possibilities For Construction Financing

Someone wants to build a home, or wants to acquire a property has several possibilities for construction financing. Loans is not the same loan. 1) The annuity loans is now generally agreed loan form. The loan is repaid in equal, monthly installments, usually contained in which a fixed interest and principal result of the continuing presence is gradually reduced amortization of interest-bearing loan, so that the principal portion increases and decreases the interest portion. 2) Cap-This loan is a floating rate loan with an interest rate ceiling, which is called also cap limit. Hence the name. It combines the security of a long-term interest rate loan with the traditional high flexibility and low interest rates on variable loans. The interest rate is adjusted every three or six months of the current interest rates. The fixed cap limit gives you the assurance that you have to pay within the term of a higher interest rate. Sofortkredit from 5.9% 3) Variable loans will be adjusted during the term of the interest rate payable every three months at the current interest rates.The basis for this is the so-called 3-month EURIBOR. This is a reference rate at which banks lend money to each other. 4) Konstantdarlehen This form of real estate is a combination of a pre-financing and a building society loans. You get paid when the contract financing needs. In parallel, an additional amount shall be paid into a savings contract. From these two amounts results in the total sum. Pending the allocation of the savings contract, you pay a monthly fixed rate into the contract as a building society savings rate and in the pre-financing of a loan interest rate. In allocating the savings contract will be paid off with some of the pre-term savings deposits. The remaining amount is now running more than building society loans. The monthly rate will remain unchanged now used for interest and repayment of the loan savings.