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Altres articles d’expansion Mercadona force of natural selection on their shelves Posted on 13-01-09, by EI / SS / JB Madrid / Barcelona / Valencia The strategy of keeping the shelves only that which has a high turnover will leave out numerous foreign branded goods and leave more space for its own trademark. The interproveedores-as called to teach the manufacturers of the landowner, or Forest Green Deliplus are fortified with the change. By contrast, those who only sell their own brands in Mercadona will lose ground on the leading supermarket chain in Spain, with a share value of 20 . The chain says it will not disappear brands, but companies like Gallo, Font Vella, Procter Gamble, Unilever, Nutrexpa Panrico, Nestle, Henkel, Noel, Kellogg’s and Danone foresee having to reduce the number of products sold in Mercadona, and estimated that, overall, will disappear between 600 and 800 references, a total of 9,000. Also, in some categories, the leading brand will disappear and remain only Hacendado products. According to market sources, the leading brands for cutting the number of references ranging from 30 to 40 . The chain says it “has made the diagnosis and treatment, and is bitter medicine for all, suppliers and distributors.” “Our turnover is going to be very concerned and, indeed, have begun to rebuild our budget this year to see how we can offset losses in Mercadona” says a producer who prefers not to identify, given the impact Mercadona in their accounts. “There are companies that will lead them to a drop in sales of its brands in this chain of up to 50 , since in some cases intended to eliminate more than two thirds of the flags,” says another question. Companies recognize that Mercadona has the right to take whatever decisions it considers necessary to improve their sales, but they agree in deploring the lack of transparency in information and has not been just the ability to work to propose an alternative. “Nobody has enough information,” explained from these manufacturers, who nevertheless are confident that the chain open new channels of communication. “It has generated considerable confusion and mistrust.” The winning space In contrast, those who manufacture brand distributor have a different view. Verdifresh, the company that makes salads and vegetables fourth range, notes that “we have always sought to have the lowest price in the market” and added that it had lowered prices on some of their products before Christmas. Next steps, states that “we are reviewing our processes and costs to be more efficient, and references that do not meet a rotation or being duplicated’ll remove. In the case of GNI, a manufacturer of cosmetics, will be some changes. His manager, Vicente Ruiz, explains that they will change formats, for example, the case of sunscreen-disappear-sizes and some cosmetic gentleman. In contrast, other references gain strength.The most relevant case is the cream of caviar in a year that has increased its sales by three to gain weight now on the shelves. Ruiz notes that this change will result in cost savings GNI. There are other companies that have the dual status of provider’s inter and external brand. Is the case of Grupo Siro, which manufactures brand distributor in pasta, crackers and bread, but also sells her cookies Mercadona Reglero Rio.