Imagine, you win 60 million in the lottery! Fantastically? Unimaginable? Not at all, but what do you do with 60 million? You mean, that takes you as a united and never spend money would have been a problem? 60 million is a lot of money and pay for travel and little houses. But first, the question arises as to whom you tell about your happiness? Neighbors, parents, your spouse or work colleague? According to a Forsa survey would keep 7% of all federal public about their profits silence and tell anybody about it. But 92% of Germans with a steady partner, would also tell them this. By contrast, only 9% would leave their need to communicate to neighbors, work colleagues or friends free rein. With relatives because it already looks a little better, because that would tell 27% of all Germans from their lottery winnings and even better behave with their closest friends, because here it is after all, already 42%. And what do you think of next, if you are 60Million in the account have? True – the Inland Revenue. But to reassure you noticed that, lottery winnings are not taxable, of course, not the lottery online. If, however, the following year and continues to generate income from your lottery winnings, such as such as rent, etc., then those profits are fully taxable. But you have to pay attention to the origin of the money for the lottery ticket, because you take money from the company's official fund for the lottery, it is the profit to the company and thus he is one of the income from the business establishment. They would rather pull out their own wallets. With 60 million to the account you would have outdated now, no doubt, but what do you do now? You stop working and devote himself to only your hobbies? For young people this will surely, sooner or later something tasteless, with so much money is still something left to foundations or charities. For example, cracking a commercial clerk from Dortmund in 2004, the jackpot with 9 million euros and wraps himself onlytimes 10 weeks in silence. Then he volunteered for the lottery and apparently undecided what he should do with the money now, he broke off contact again, but shortly afterwards logs again, and simply sets up a foundation. The clerks want to remain anonymous and continue to live normally in their social environment. However, he continues to play the lottery. Well, what ever you would do with the millions who do not precautionary times it hurts to think seriously about it. But you need to play lottery already!