I miss everything that is not

I’m starting to realize why the why. Gone are the days of enchantment and idealization, the time to be disgusted with my country and love of all that was outside its borders, and now beginning to realize that some things are one thing, and some other things are other thing. In Barcelona, I like order, responsibility and citizenship of people. I like it when complete strangers do not vent their aggression and frustration autoprofesada, because, in my face. I like that services and public bodies work, and work well. I like that people do not look at me or judge me for free on the street. I like that I know nothing about respect me. I like to have lost the habit of traveling by subway with one hand in her purse, and grab my backpack or my heavy bags when I go down the street. I like the quietness and the ease with which all follow the rules. I like that crimes of any kind are not common.I like not hear every day the number of people dying at home riddled after being robbed and tortured by children under eleven. I like not constantly feel afraid, I like not to feel constantly threatened, I like not to feel constantly under attack. I like to listen every day sentences into thought sexist, homophobic and to thought. I like not being surrounded by people who glorifies sexism and homophobia. I like discovering a city to walk alone at night is beautiful, I like my life is not jeopardized while I prove it. I like that newspapers talk a little of everything, not just of corruption, death, crime, political salads, illicit enrichment, alliances of power, crime rates, unemployment rates, growth of slums, increase in lower class , increased the upper class, middle class disappearing, marches, strikes, grief, repression, dissatisfaction, unhappiness. I like to have lost the habit of wanting to die a few.I like to have learned that the most effective is to wish them happy. I like the streets of Barcelona. I like the beach. Amenities. The movement “progressive” and “dissociative” in the city. New York I like it. I like everything. And I live and I enjoy it as could be. Day by day. With an indescribable gratitude. But none of this is mine. Nothing. On the street I just see strange faces. Languages and accents. Places outside. Barcelona is a party, and I’m invitadisimo. But I know of that organization. Neither the owner of the place. Not to serving drinks or the music happens. I know the other guests, and sometimes dancing alone is boring. And sad. Tourists enjoy themselves and feel at home. But who does not feel master of all when on vacation I like all the things this city has to offer. But it’s not just me, and I can not stay here just to enjoy it. All I do is wish them luck to my place.I can not say “hate Buenos Aires that has all this” and “I choose Barcelona because it has it” all I want is that Buenos Aires has also someday. Expecting that day comes, they can stop comparing. Trying to build all this. To have it, and enjoy it, and then be proud of my city and my country. Martin Espinach time ago told me, “Argentina’s only one thing strange, and everything that was not. Only now beginning to understand.