From a friend: 10 useful addresses.

This entry is a contribution of Richard (who still is not involved “directly” in this blog …). Our most sincere thanks. (For more than someone can be … El Salvador …). When the Internet connection is not good, one of the most basic services to which we can go is to email. In addition you may be able to check your mail from your mobile via GPRS or 3G. It may also be that you travel and connect to an Internet cafe to have very limited internet access or can not read a PDF. Here are shown 10 email addresses with which you can do more than send a simple message, and can be used to convert documents, viewing web pages, etc.. 1. Pdf If you have an Office document or an image you want to convert to PDF, send to this address as an attachment to your e-mail. Within seconds you will receive it converted to PDF in your email. More info on Koolwire. 2. Flickr provides an email account (individual for each user) from which you can upload your images. The title (subjective) e is the title of the photo, and what you put in the message body is what appears in the description. 3.e You can use this address to keep up to date expenses. You’ll have to send the data in the message title as follows Category Quantity Description and xpenser keep them so they do not have to worry about anything else. 4. you use Blogger or WordPress to manage your blog, you can enable an email account to post your posts. 5.upload this URL to upload your PowerPoint presentations or PDF files to Slideshare and share with friends. 6.