Colon Hydrotherapy

The colon hydrotherapy is an evolution of the inlet. They should normally be administered before and during fasting enemas to promote bowel detoxification and act to prevent symptoms such as headaches. Eat well at This principle was in the colon hydrotherapy even more consistently developed more than 30 percent of the population have a disturbed metabolism or undiagnosed yeast infections. One of the phenomena of civilization in the western world is the constipation. The bowel was reduced by malnutrition, its normal movement activities, old food residues become hardened substances that accumulate and impede the further transport of the remaining intestinal contents. An intestinal tube is alternately cool and warm water, stirring continuously. gently massaging the abdomen, passed into the intestine. The water and the rinsed intestinal contents are discharged via a closed system. At the conclusion of the approximately 45 minute bowel cleansing is introduced into the rinse water or pure oxygen. Through this procedure, the intestine iscleaned and encouraged back to work more independently. In general, treatment consists of 15 infusions. The water are mixed in different variants of colon hydrotherapy and additions – such as coffee, milk, vegetable ingredients and so on. Due to the colon hydrotherapy to the colon gradually be cleaned in several treatments of accumulated faeces and rotting materials. The external massage will also stimulate the intestinal activity and – via reflex zones – including the internal organs. Applications Decreased vitality, fatigue, poor concentration, depression, anxiety, inflammation, rheumatism, eczema, acne, psoriasis, migraines, allergies, cardiovascular problems and hypertension Krmer