Business Registration

Basically, everyone is obliged to register a business, which wants to include a self-employed and to achieve gain a commercial profit. Registration takes place simultaneously with the commencement of employment at the trade office of the place where the future company’s head office. The Trade Office is an agency of the municipal or local authority. Also as a sideline business, acquired businesses or opening additional branch offices must be notified. Exception of professionals, like doctors, lawyers or artists, if they have not created GmbH. You need to register themselves with the tax office. No registration continue to need scientists and workers in agriculture and forestry. Even if private wealth is managed, for example, letting no registration is required. During the interview in the trade office, a single model is filled with several carbon copies. We request personal information, the exact description of the business and a briefJob description. The punctures Various ministries such as Employment, Tax Office, Chamber of Commerce and health care organizations are automatically notified of the commencement of operations. The appointment has to bring ID and a possible power of attorney, if you want to trade for others. Often also a personal good conduct is required. For various activities continue to be evidence of economic performance, personal qualifications and the nature of the used space is necessary. This applies, for example, future operators of animal trade, Fuhrbetrieb or care. For foreigners who want to operate a business in Germany, are subject to separate provisions. In legal forms such as OHG, KG, or GmbH proposes to the General Manager for the company the trade. The intention is to establish a GbR, each shareholder must be in his name, a separate business registration issue. When applying for business registration, a fee of around 20 euros is charged.