Breast Surgery

Their main goal – form a good breast shape with minimal incisions and sutures. When makromastii and breast ptosis, often carried out operations using their own tissues. Sometimes the correct small sagging breast implants can install. For the imposition of cosmetic skin sutures are used absorbable and nonabsorbable modern threads to ensure good healing and aesthetic effect. If the sutures were made of traditional materials, they are removed at 12-14 days. Excess breast tissue is removed during reduction mammoplasty, is often changed as a result of mastitis, and it reduces the risk of resection prostate malignant transformation. During the operation removes excess breast tissue and subcutaneous adipose tissue and mammary glands form the desired shape and size. Special Operations Group – Correction nipple and areola, in cases not satisfactory in their size and location.

Keep in mind that often when transplanted nipple-areola complex followed by breast-feeding impossible. Postoperative period. Recovery. Typically, the patient discharged home the next day after surgery, and sometimes the same day. In the first few days after surgery may be a feeling of tension of the skin at the site of surgery, severity, and tightness of breath occurs as a result of postoperative edema.

2-3 days is normal appearance of moderate pain in the area of operations, which calmed medication. Normally also, the appearance of postoperative depression, usually on the second day after surgery, but this state is held two days later and never returned. Swelling after surgery subsides within two weeks. Within 1 month to wear special compression underwear. Within a week you can return to normal life and go to work, avoiding heavy loads. Results Compliance with all recommendations mammoplasty doctor before and after the surgery reduces the risk of complications to minimum. Among the most common complications: subcutaneous hematomas (risk of their occurrence is increased in smokers, are on their own within 2 weeks), inflammatory changes of soft tissues (in patients with reduced immunity), the occurrence of hypertrophic scars (if an individual inclination for their appearance), kotraktura prostheses (with the incorrect selection of implants are too large). Currently, plastic surgery breast augmentation are becoming popular in Russia. World experience and all the studies in this area confirm that the installation of high-quality implants does not cause cancer and other diseases, does not affect the sensitivity of the glands, and is not an obstacle for lactation and breastfeeding (within 12 months after surgery), subsequent pregnancy.