April Cats

The Cat is a small animal from the family of the "cats" are carnivorous (although sometimes it may get to eat plants and grass) is very popular as a pet and is a great mouser. Speaking of its main features, Cats have the ability to "hide" your nails and then bring them to catch prey or climb a tree. They also have good hearing and smell, have an incredible night view, are very flexible and resilient. One aspect of the cats that few know is your ability to memorize and learn by watching. His night vision is much better than men and can calculate distances with a precision unimaginable, but no day look as good, cats are more interested in movement and detail, that is, if the prey is hidden and stands still, surely save the attack, also cats can distinguish only a small range of colors. Cats enjoy a good hearing because they generally have an ear with a special design to "collect" all sound around, and additionally each ear can rotate independently to capture different sounds.

The taste of cat is very sensitive to detect the taste of water, so it is essential to keep them fresh water every day, but may not take it. The cats tongue is rough, it scrapes the flesh from the bones and fur clean. As explained above, one of its greatest features is to have an extremely flexible body, with its 230 bones and a spine more "loose." And although cats often look lazy and sleepy, have an incredible musculature, perfect to make great leaps and sustained strings or branches, helping with the tail, giving it more balance. Despite having "evolved", the cat has retained its small size and weight (8 pounds) through the centuries .. Cats scratching to mark their territory, because that way they leave their scent with the glands under their feet, in the pads, you must be very careful when you have a pet, as they can reach damage the wood of the furniture and curtains.

Whiskers are extremely sensitive and essential to the health of the cat, and that they can calculate distances, dodge obstacles, feel the changes around them, and even perceive the width of an area and can determine if they fit or not. If you cut a cat's whiskers are easily confused and may crash into the walls, or falling objects. Cat's pregnancy lasts 65 days and pups are usually born in April. The kittens are born deaf, blind and very vulnerable, totally dependent on the mother, who feeds them, clean and warm. After 10 days just open their eyes, which (no matter what breed of cat), will be blue, but then they will change color. The domestic cat has a very specific color can be brown, brown, gray and have spots for better camouflage. Due to the large number of genetic crosses, at present there are about 40 breeds of domestic cats worldwide. Domestic cats commonly develop viral and bacterial diseases, but are controlled through a regular cycle of vaccines.