Wedding And Evening Hairstyles

Hair and hairstyle is an important part of any image. Hair complement our image and make it unique. The fashion for hair changes as quickly and inexplicably, as in clothing, footwear and manners. For several century model of feminine beauty were considered long hair and curls, decorated with precious ornaments. In the twentieth – century art of hairdressing in a new era and the conservatism of the former appears to have disappeared.

Women shortened their hair long and began wearing a short, almost masculine haircut. But despite this nevety even in our time tend to grow or increase hair before you make a wedding hairstyle. At various times, then became fashionable, the obsolete bangs, hair curlers, headbands, perming, artificial hair – wigs and hairpieces of all the colors of the rainbow. Fashionistas and fashionistas did not spare his hair and subjected them to the most risky experiments – painted in blue and green, put a mohawk, wore his hair in dreadlocks and shaved off completely. Today, fashion has become more reserved and modest, and some of the major current trends – highlighting, coloring and hair extensions. Except Furthermore, most men as well as a few centuries ago will be delighted and amazed by beauty queens, who spared no effort and time on the evening hairstyle. And therefore we conclude ladies fashion depends on yourself.