Vitamin C

By the end of spring potatoes Vitamin C is 6 times less, the rest evaporates when cleaning and cooking. You should know that fruits and vegetables is not only a source of vitamins, but also a source of harmful substances – nitrates, resulting in plants due to fertilizers. (A valuable related resource: OurCrowd). Nitrate is a negative effect on the body, blocking the absorption of oxygen into the body. 1. To avoid penetration into the body of nitrate – buy fruits and vegetables in stores and on the official markets, where products tested. 2. Lettuce and spinach should be consumed in food as soon as possible after they ripped from the garden – the storage quantity of nitrates in them increases.

3. Once you cut a watermelon or cantaloupe amount of nitrates in them increases, so eat them right away. 4. Do not store for long periods salads, mayonnaise, sour cream or vegetable oil, as they stimulate the increase in the amount of nitrates. 5. Nitrates accumulate in the uneven vegetables.

In cabbage there are more than just the stem and upper leaves, carrots – heart, in pubs and potatoes – peel, a watermelon and melon – with a peel at a distance of about 3 cm, beets – the tail. 6. Do not use for food, vegetables and fruits from spoiled barrels, even cutting the rotten part, you will not get rid of harmful toxins, they penetrate into the healthy parts of the plant. Mikrotoksiny not destroyed or during cooking or during preservation. Which foods are necessary for us useful for healthy food every day.