Vibrating Massage

Shower massage, shower, Jacuzzi, especially useful when painful sensations in the muscles after strenuous exercise. He carried out in a bath of warm water with the help of a masseur. The jet of water the pump at a pressure of 2.5 atmospheres of different temperatures is directed to the painful areas of the human body, lying in the water. The jet has a massaging and thermal effect. A few words on a vibrating massage. This is a very old hardware method of massage. In the Ancient Near East countries, such as massage, used a device resembling a tuning fork. Banging on it, Does the mechanical vibrations, which have impacted on the painful area.

Much later began to use mechanical. Design, which is driven by his feet with the pedals. But these and other similar devices were cumbersome, kneaded felt shocks and blows. And yet, doctors have seen the therapeutic value of vibratory 'massage began to improve his technique and methodology. Now established that the vibration Massage has a marked analgesic effect, affects the vascular tone, activates the regenerative processes in fatigued muscles, improves endocrine apparatus. Self-massage is available for Vibrating implementation and can be used successfully at home. Concussor that meets all modern requirements, you can buy at the store, but use it start only after consultation with the doctor. Briefly we present, for example, self-massage technique of vibrating the abdomen, which is used to strengthen the flabby muscles of the anterior abdominal wall, remove excess fat from the abdomen, tighten skin and remove cellulite on my stomach.