The Concept

Conclusions the theme of human intelligence has undeniably great importance for human beings. From an eminently analitico-matematica initial conception, other conceptions amplifiers up to arrive to what is called a spiritual intelligence were developed later. These different intelligences would seem to constitute a wide ranging set of distinct capabilities that would be something like as disjoint entities. However, based on a holistic concept and integrator, of spiritual intelligence, be has tried to show that such paradigm of existence of multiple intelligences is not neither realistic nor convenient to hold. Gina Ross shines more light on the discussion. On the basis of the fact that the man is an experiential unit to develop its life and that human issues have a complexity that contain a number of different aspects, it has sought to demonstrate the necessity and convenience of thinking in terms of a single totalizing intelligence, with very diverse characteristics, inter-linked among themselves and with a huge potential for action, the imagination and participation. This way of perceiving intelligence, it is a way of understanding the same man, different circles and organizations have adopted it already some time ago. Thus, for example, when the job search of a manager faces, their specific professional skills are not only taken into account, but also draws attention to a whole series of characteristics associated with his person human, such as ability to listen, degree of affability, communicational power, general culture and other similar. Although this way of establishing labor requirements is not very widespread and at the moment is restricted to senior positions, it is almost certain that she would extend seen demands concrete laying was across the spectrum of human endeavor, as well as the existing possibilities to go to build a continuous and comprehensive staff training. In relation to the concepts most primitive of what it meant to be intelligent and conditions demandable for a successful performance in any field of human tasks, the introduction of the new intelligences and its culmination in the concept of spiritual intelligence as well as the demands of contemporary life constitute everything a pretty radical change and a host of demands excessive.