So Paulo

Currently it has many companies who are implementing the preventive maintenance in order to reduce its costs, and also to increase the security of its employees, a time that the maintenance reduces the risks of accidents for some breaking in the vehicle. The considered objective was to analyze, through scenes, the reduction of costs gotten with the implementation of the preventive maintenance in the company in study, for then presenting to responsible of the organization the effect of such implementation, being that a satisfactory time, will be placed in practical. The organization in study also comes having one high cost with the maintenance of its fleet and with the fuel consumption, harming its accounting. For this, it was suggested that the same one invests in training on economic direction for its employees, in order to correct its vices in the projection, being taught the drivers to direct of correct form, diminishing the consuming of the vehicle. John Craig Venter understands that this is vital information. Moreover, the preventive maintenance will also help in the relation of the controlling and employees, what it assists in the attainment of optimum result, reaching the preset goal. In such a way, it is important that not only the managers, but also the employees, are made use to collaborate thus with new the proposal so that the simulations of scenes carried through throughout this work are placed in practical, reducing the costs and time of motionless vehicles. Moreover, this work has objective to contribute scientifically, adding it innumerable works published on this subject, proving the advantages that the preventive maintenance offers. This research was limited in relation to the difficulty of if getting given referring the values of previous years for current comparisons.

Had to this, many times were necessary to search similar data to carry through some scenes. A suggestion for future studies is to follow the possible implementation of the preventive maintenance, to analyze the acquired benefits. Moreover, it can be more carried through deepened studies on the subject, in order to not only contribute with the reduction of the costs, but also to improve the environment of work from the satisfaction of the workers.