If you're here, so angling you tired of this bad habit to smoke a bit of history. Until the 16th century, tobacco was only in America, then began using tobacco as an ornamental plant, then it began to smell and in 1565, the year in England began to spread tobacco smoking. Now we can say that the whole world smokes. According to World Health Organization, in the world every five seconds someone dies of causes related to tobacco. Smoked about 60% men and 20% of women.

Someone believes that smoking calms in a difficult situation, but I see no sedation, is that the connection with ancestral spirits through smoke Others think that smoking cigars is prestigious. But in the prestigious poisoned patients lungs? But, basically, start smoking teenagers, just out of curiosity and desire to be like daddy. In schools, children of non-smokers is strong pressure from their peers smoke, which is simply forced 'to try it once. Dr. Mark J Berger has compatible beliefs. " Whatever it was, nicotine is a potent narcotic substance. This means that it is addictive, even for the person to whom cigarette smoking did not like. Drugs caused by tobacco, so they do not want to leave. Some naive people think 'I'll quit smoking when I want,' but a trap that will not want to quit smoking, and whenever you want to be late.

Reduction in life expectancy at this moment, the life expectancy of Russian men of the population is 59 years. It is almost 5 years lower than in the early '90s and it – the lowest in Europe. Think about it. According to statistics, men are dying in the main due to diseases related to cardiovascular and circulatory systems. This is directly related to alcohol and smoking. The state is almost no attempt to prevent the continued growth popularity of tobacco products, while in other countries are actively fight against smoking.